Hello Sunshines!

I’m Rachel and he’s farmer Aaron.

Together we own 4 Kids And A Farm. It’s a small scale regenerative farm tucked away in the foothills of Northern California. We use and practice organic methods to grow in our gardens and raise livestock for our family and community. We seek to steward our land well as we strive to implement practices that will strengthen our soil and the people around us. We hope to leave the land better than we found it. We’re not perfect at it but we know that by our small and simple acts, great things can follow.


We didn’t grow up in this lifestyle but felt pulled towards it. So we dove right in and have been homesteading and farming on our 5 acres since 2017.

Since then we have found a passion for uplifting others!

We teach people online, in our ebooks, and in our courses how to live a more sustainable life. Whether it’s from starting a no-till garden, chicken keeping, cooking from scratch, or a how-to's on baking sourdough bread, we are here to help others in their journey to sufficiency. Welcome!

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